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Bogart Graystonehoff vom Shiraz

Bogart Graystonhoff vom Shiraz

 Bo is a very large and powerful, male with an exceptionally kind temperament and large bones. He is loyal and calm, but also very alert. Bo is producing large, black and red puppies. 

Sire: Nico vom Himmeltal (Fulz di Zenevredo SchH3 VA1 BSZS KKL)

Dam: Elizabeth Bennet vom Shiraz (Ando vom Altenberger Land SchH3 VA BSZS KKL)

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Bogart or Bo as we call him truly is a gentle giant. He is as exceptionally calm as he is large. Bo is obedient and loyal with excellent nerves and high thresholds. Bo produces large, calm puppies with similar temperaments and color.